After completing education, working at the office seems to be exciting for many, as we meet new colleagues, new environment, financial independence etc. Most of the working women want to continue their career after marriage. But career after marriage becomes challenging for many us because of new responsibilities. We as a woman needs to take and we excel doing that as well.

If you are one of those well-read women who had to or planning to take a break from their career because of marriage, responsibilities at home, managing kids or let it be any other reason but still wants to enjoy financial freedom? We’ve got you!

Do you know? You can make a decent sum of money right from your home without spending too many hours. Here is how.

Influencer Marketing is the Key!

You can make a handsome money of 3 – 4 lakhs per annum which is around 25,000 thousand a month just by participating in influencer marketing campaigns for which you will be getting paid. The earnings will be transferred as a real money into your bank account or sometimes the money will be paid via Amazon or Flipkart gift coupons.

All you just need is…

  1. An internet connection.
  2. A laptop.
  3. A decent camera mobile (with all the social media apps installed on it).
  4. A good and standard English speaking and writing skill(without grammatical and spelling errors).
  5. 1 – 2 hours/day(you can stay anywhere in the world just connect with the internet for 2 hours).

However finding the right campaign and participating in it is important.

Women_earning_more_then_men_with_Influencer_marketingHow does influencer marketing works?

In the current world, people are bombarded with targeted ads wherever they go on the internet right from Facebook news feeds to your YouTube video or even on a blog article.

However, these advertising techniques are not as convincing as the traditional word of mouth marketing. A recent survey claims that one in three people purchase or take up a service because one of his acquaintance has referred it.

Brands are actively looking out for finding those powerful influencers to get partnered with and make the word of mouth marketing on Social Media where most of the conversation and experiences are shared by those powerful influencers.

In most cases, brands cannot maintain a record of all the influencers data or use it to host campaigns online. So, brands tie up with the influencer network platforms to host an influencer marketing campaign.
Although there are many Influencer network platforms out there, we will discuss a few platforms that are quite popular who hosts big brands and their campaigns. I’ll personally share my blogmint dashboard for your reference and a step-by-step guide to participate and make money from the listed influencer marketing campaigns.

So how do I sign up as an Influencer now?

Just hit:

Sign up as an influencer – you can use your social logins to sign up

Once you sign-up you will be asked to choose your interest, be careful when you choose your interests because the campaigns will be listed on your account dashboard based on your interest. However, you can change your interest later.

Don’t forget to connect your bank account to realize money in your bank account.

Now, click on the Discover Campaigns button, on top.

You will be able to see a list of campaigns that are listed on your dashboard based on the interest that you have selected. However, you can filter the campaigns based on your strengths and weakness.

For example, if you’re strong in Twitter with a good follower base and you applied to participate in a tweet campaign. Then you have more chances of getting selected as an influencer by the brand. If you don’t have strong presence on any social media platform don’t worry. I’m going to teach you on how to build that base in a series of 5 self-paced video sessions. Please do sign up now.

 - Find & Share on GIPHY

Under each and every campaign here will be an “Apply” button. When you apply to participate in a campaign the campaign host will check your social credibility like engagement per post, number of followers

Once you’re selected you will be getting instructions via email from the campaign host.

Based on the instructions execute the campaigns on your social handles with proper tagging and hashtags. So, that the host can track your participation and validate it.

Once the campaign is over you will be getting a thank you message from the host.

After a week’s time, your payment will be visible in your dashboard which will be credited to your bank account as a monthly payout after a 20% commission deduction from the Blogmint.

If you’re worried about the payment please check a screenshot from Blogmint account.

Blogmint earning report snapshot:


Still not convinced, please check the  Blogmint review here.

Blogmint notifications about campaigns:


2) Social Media Marketing:

Generally, most of the people like spending time on social media especially Facebook when they have free time. Why not utilize this channel and time to earn money.
Many Companies keep a budget for Social media marketing and want Social media marketers to handle the same. Since this can be done online, there is not much need to be physically present in the office and timely meetings and discussions can also be done online.

Mastering in Social media marketing needs proper guidance by experts along with live projects. This will help you get good ratings by clients on a freelance website as you provide them with quality leads at better costs. Thus this will lead in getting projects from more clients and regular earning.

So all smart ladies out there, no need to feel lost. We all know that once we women decide on achieving something, we are unstoppable.

Let me know if this idea excites you and if you would need any assistance in executing the same.

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