Hiring and recruitment is a challenging job where a lot of research is needed to find the perfect talent. Staffing Agency work to find the right person for the right job. You can enhance your search for the right candidate using the Digital platforms such as search engines and social media sites.

You can leverage the power of the internet to find out the best and suitable talent for your staffing agency. The Internet is the place where all the interested candidates frame their work and their skills. In near future, Digital marketing will have a huge role to play in the recruitment process. It will be challenging for all the recruitment agencies to cope up with the pace of the growing digital world as other competitor agencies will also be actively looking for clients and candidates online.

This article is to help the staffing agencies. Here are few areas of digital marketing where you can leverage your efforts and form a best digital marketing strategy for your staffing agency.

SEO Optimized Website:

In today’s digital era people are getting dependent on the Internet for all their needs. Having a website will help you to reach your potential clients and candidates looking for employment. Consider making your website search engine friendly. SEO optimized website can create the tremendous number of leads.This will help you to be in front of your target customer when they are actively looking out for the service you provide.  It also adds value to your business and increases the credibility.

Facebook :

Social Media sites like Facebook have a huge set of audience. As per Facebook’s data, there are 1 billion people visiting pages every month.  As per the research 79%, people search for a job on social networking sites. You can create your own group or page where you can post the requirements.  In Feb 2017 Facebook released the new feature that allows businesses to post the job requirement. You can also create paid campaigns on Facebook to collect resumes of interested candidates. Facebook user can directly apply for the job on Facebook just by clicking on the apply button on the post.

Facebook jobs for Staffing agency


LinkedIn is the professional social media site which was primarily designed for the professional networking.  There are 400 million LinkedIn users. LinkedIn is world’s largest professional network.  You can easily post jobs and track applicants on LinkedIn. Active LinkedIn presence is unavoidable in any organization. Every professional individual has a LinkedIn account so this is the place where you can find the potential talent for your client and potential clients as well. You can also do paid LinkedIn marketing activity to collect portfolios of interested candidates.

Glassdoor :

Glassdoor is a website where one can share their experience with the company. One can also share their interview experience. You can share information about your company.  Glassdoor presence is important because people search for the company reviews online on this website. Jobseekers like to read the reviews before they attend the interview or join the company. Maintaining healthy Glassdoor profile also comes under “online reputation management”. Consider reading this article in case you want to learn more about ORM or Online Reputation Management.

Job Portals:

You can also consider posting your job requirements on websites like Indeed.com, naukri.com and many more. We can see many HR companies like Cielhr.com successfully placing candidates and getting more and more clients with the help of Digital marketing. You need to try out too!

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