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Probably the first thing that you see every morning is an Ad, it could be on Social Media or an email or on a search result on Google. This blog helps you identify the best and free digital marketing resources that you need to go through to teach yourself Digital Marketing and to become a Digital Marketing Expert in 4 Weeks.

Very soon every business right from retail, hospitality, services, products to movies etc., in this planet will need a website and a proper digital marketing setup to identify and tap the potential customers from the internet.

Last week I went for a haircut and my usual saloon was closed since it was very early in the morning.

Quickly I took my phone out and googled “best unisex salons around me”. 

I got a list of saloons from which I picked the one that had 4.5 stars but before getting inside,   I read few reviews of that salon and I came to know that the hairdresser named “Nik” is the best.

So, I requested Nik to do my hair and I was very happy with the service.    Now you can understand how a brands digital footprint is so powerful like a word of mouth marketing.

Here is a 4 Week Training Module Plan for Beginners.

Week 1 – Free Digital Marketing Training Module

Every training module must have a vision, without which it will be like shooting in the dark.

So, let’s set up a 4 small goals for every week and let’s achieve it to attain our ultimate goal of Becoming a Digital Marketer in 4 Weeks.

In Week 1 let’s get the basics clear, you can just google for these answers and write a blog at the end of the week on what you have understood from researching on the following Topics.   Just add “what is” “topic name from the below table” and google the following topics

Week 1 Day Wise Planner for Week 1
Day 1 Digital Marketing Search Engine Optimization
Day 2 Social Media Marketing Facebook Ads and types
Day 3 Google Analytics Google Ads or PPC
Day 4 Content Writing for website Social Media Calendar Plan
Day 5 Email Marketing Marketing Automation
Day 6 Landing Pages for paid campaigns Native Ads
Day 7 Write a blog with 2000 words on what did you understand about Digital Marketing

Now, you’re basics are done.

At any given point of time you must be clear on the topics that you read and it would have taken at least 2 hours daily to read about these topics.

If you don’t have time you can just sign up for a free basic Digital Marketing course in which all these topics are covered in just 4 hours of self-paced learning video.

Please click here to access the course for free.

Please do write a 2000 word article once you have completed the basics and save it. Let’s cross check and compare your progress at the end of the course.

Week 2 – Free Digital Marketing Training Module 

Let’s break the training into two streams one will be SEO and the other one will be Social Media.

Under week 2 we will be focusing on SEO and then on week three we will be focusing on Social Media.

SEO, Search Engine Optimization – It is a way of letting search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing etc., that your website is the most relevant for a particular keyword that we are planning to come up with.    Search for the following topics on Google to understand the basics of SEO

Week 2 Day Wise Planner for Week 2
Day 1 Keyword Research Google Analytics
Day 2 Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI) Keywords Dimensions and Metrics on Google Analytics
Day 3 SERP Backlinks
Day 4 Social Bookmarking Content Marketing
Day 5 On Page Optimization Off Page Optimization
Day 6 Keyword Position Tracking Google Tag Manager and Tracking
Day 7 Write a blog on the topics covered under 2000 words


Week 3 – Free Digital Marketing Training Module

In this week you will be learning about basic and advanced concepts of Social Media Marketing. 

Please go ahead and google the following topics and learn by yourself. Like I said earlier you can sign up for this self-paced free training module as well.

Please click here to access the course for free.

Week 3 Day Wise Planner for Week 3
Day 1 Facebook Marketing Hashtags
Day 2 Instagram Marketing Social Media Page Management
Day 3 Facebook Ads Facebook Lead Generation Campaign
Day 4 Impressions and Reach Social Media Post Dimensions
Day 5 Organic Reach Engagement Rate
Day 6 Edgerank Social Media Analytics
Day 7 Write a blog on the topics covered under 2000 words


Week 4 – Free Digital Marketing Training Module

Now you have gained the theoretical knowledge on understanding the Digital Marketing concepts.

We have to apply the knowledge to a business and check how it works, what kind of business impact that your campaigns can create.

To apply the digital marketing concepts you need an actual business with specific goals and objectives.

If you’re an entrepreneur you can apply to your own business. In many cases, people don’t have their own business and you need some hand-holding so that you don’t burn your fingers. 

It’s always better to learn from experts who have prior experience in digital marketing

Where can you find them?

Off course in a Best Digital Marketing Agency    For people who don’t have time in joining a digital marketing agency, we would recommend you to create a blog using WordPress and it doesn’t require much of coding knowledge.

This blog can be used a business website to bring in visitors by applying digital marketing concepts.

Finally, you’re in and around a group of digital marketing experts, who can guide you through the practical and on job roles.

Generally, on-job training in a digital marketing agency will not be a set of pre-defined tasks that need to be completed day by day. Instead, it will be a combination of routine and ad-hoc activities that continually check your understanding in various aspects of digital marketing. While it might be a time-consuming phase for beginners, it will ultimately provide them invaluable exposure.

It also depends on how your skill sets are assessed. You might have joined the agency to learn SEO, but the Digital Marketing Expert will see you creating good Social Media Posts.

Now, you will be diverted to learn Social Media, it’s always better to sharpen your skill rather than starting from scratch.   Anyway, once you master Social Media you will be able to grasp any digital marketing concept at a rapid spread.

Generally, the internship program will be 1 month to 3 months long.

Digital Marketing companies have flexible options as well. We would recommend – https://socialorange.in/digital-marketing-internship/    

Week 4 Day Wise Planner for Week 4
Day 1

Join hands with the expert’s team to learn and help them in designing ROI based digital marketing campaigns.

You can join one of our partner Agency’s Internship Program


Day 2
Day 3
Day 4
Day 5
Day 6
Day 7


Please check out what a Digital Marketing Intern who joined as an intern and confirmed as a full-time employee with SocialOrange agency.

Now go back and access the Three blogs that you wrote on general Digital Marketing, SEO and Social Media.   Read through the blogs one by one.

If your understanding was wrong to feel free to correct it on your own.

Now you have become a Digital Marketing Expert and you are able to correct your own mistakes.  

Like I said earlier, every training must have a vision and a tangible benefit.

Mission Accomplished!


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