If ever comes a point that someone wants to take digital marketing career, the question that comes to their mind is whether they should enroll in a professional Digital Marketing training institute or should they take free training courses which are available online.

Yes, it’s true that the Internet has the answer for most of the questions if not all.

To answer the question of whether someone should go for a professional certification training for digital marketing or should stick learning for free online

As for the training, I would like to ask a question. The question is why do we need to go for any graduation degree or post graduation degree. why do people prefer to go for degrees like BBM or an  MBA which are more of management courses. Don’t you think this knowledge will be available online for free as well? Or why do people opt for certification courses like Big data, front and back end development training or android app development training and much more. Don’t you think that if you search on YouTube or any other website that gives you training on this skills free of cost through  PDF download,  videos and ask you to fill up a small form. So does this mean that people are either lazy to search for these courses online or they have money so they prefer to go for a training from a professional institution instead of learning it online for free.

Pros of learning digital marketing with online free resource

  • Lots of free tips and tricks available online
  • Information available in various formats like Infographics, video, Ebook & Blogs
  • Whenever you need a solution to your online marketing query, you may find the answer via online free resources which are available or the  question and answer platforms like Quora and other relevant forums

Cons of learning digital marketing with online free resource

  • Vast information available online making it difficult for new bees to focus
  • No proper learning structure available online
  • Lack of personal guidance
  • Generally, in-depth knowledge is not available for free. Though you can get videos online in websites like Youtube, you need to be specific while searching where someone new might find it challenging as they are in the process of learning
  • Self-learning is time-consuming. Now this is the ERA of digital marketing where you cannot spend years in learning but grab the opportunity of earning more by getting your desired job, up-skilling and getting a hike or by being a successful entrepreneur

Even “Deepak Kanakaraju” one of the successful bloggers/Authors/ speakers in the field of Digital Marketing mentioned in one of his blogs that reviewed about Edupristine that, “I had to learn the entire subject by myself and it took me almost 9 years to establish my thought leadership.”

Here is the screenshot of the same:


Pros of Learning Digital Marketing from Digital Marketing Training Institute in Online/Offline mode

  • You can learn Digital Marketing in a structured manner
  • You procure the chance of clarifying your doubts
  • More chances of getting personal assistance which will be useful especially for entrepreneurs and those who joined organizations with online marketing profile recently.
  • Many of the training institutes provide Job placements
  • Some of the digital marketing training courses have tied up with digital marketing agencies and hence provide you the benefit of internship and live projects

Cons of Learning Digital Marketing from Digital Marketing Training Institute in Online/Offline mode

  • Since digital marketing is a vast course with many specializations, institutes cannot give the complete Digital Marketing at one shot and neither the students will be able to grasp all the aspect of Internet marketing
  • You need to enroll for multiple courses like basic digital marketing and advanced levels with specialization for say social media or email marketing to achieve your goal
  • Even if you take training from an institute you need to keep updating your knowledge with your experience and going through latest blogs, videos and podcasts available online for free

Best Approach

So having said about all the pros and cons of online free resources and training from the institutions, the best approach to head towards your goal of becoming a successful digital marketer or entrepreneur with great marketing skills is a blend of learning from an institute, experience and updating your knowledge with online resources. Also, it is suggested to check online about what exactly is digital marketing, what are the job responsibilities, the role, tasks involved and what soft skills an individual should possess to be a successful online marketer and then make a move towards it.

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