As an online marketer, we all must have come across the term “Online Reputation Management” or “ORM”. However, not everyone is expert in handling brand image online and hence we could see sometimes even big brands facing the repercussion. Let’s quickly check out what you should know about ORM.

What is Online Reputation Management?

Online reputation management, sometimes abbreviated as ORM is the practice of influencing or attempting to shape public perception towards the brand, person or product/services.

Importance of online reputation management.

Below is the screenshot of review given by a customer for the beach resort in TripAdvisor. 1,322 travelers read the review in the past week. Now, don’t you think whatever is the review be it positive or negative, it will definitely influence the other readers who are potential customers for the resort? This particular review can either make 50 % conversion or make the travelers look out for other resorts with better reviews.

Importance of online review

Motive behind ORM
With the increase in internet usage, potential investors or general public seek information online about the brand before making a decision. Zero reviews about the brand indicate an organization to be non-functional or not so active, this makes your potential customer look out for other service provider and hence you lose your business. Similarly, unaddressed negative reviews indicate that your brand is least bothered about how the customer feels about the service.
Positive online reputation helps your clients trust your brand.

Misconceptions in ORM
1. It is just a social media monitoring
2. It is something related to public relation
3. My website does not have online presence so online reputation management will not affect me
4. It is best to ignore any negative comment online about my Brand
5. My company’s online image is neutral, so I need not have to work on it

Tips to maintain your online brand reputation

  1. Set up Social Media monitoring tools or Google alert for your brand name
  2. Write thoughtful and humanized responses. Use the name of the reviewer and make every response unique, This will give a personalized touch.
  3. Try to answer within 48  hours. This shows your brand is interested in getting customer opinion and values it.
  4. Thank your reviewer as they are making time to write a review about the product /service they used. Even if it is a critic, you should thank them as they are informing you about the shortcoming in your offerings and what your customers are actually expecting.
  5. Remain transparent with your audience. Deleting messages rather than addressing them conveys you might have something to hide.  
  6.  Keep your cool while writing the response. Do not forget your response, as it will be read by not only the reviewer but by many other potential customers.
  7.   If needed provide an apology and a solution. This is an opportunity to turn your unsatisfied customer into a brand evangelist!

Tool for Social media listening

There are many tools available online for social media listening but I will recommend Social listening by HootSuite as it’s my one of the favorite tool. The tool is free to use. All you need to do is register for it and add the stream with your brand name in search.

Add a stream in Hootsuite

Example : You want to see how many users are not so happy about dove and have tweeted about it. Here is how you can do it.Dove Unhappy query in hoot suite search stream

The result will be visible in your dashboard immediately.

Social listening in Hootsuite

Want to know more about how you can do it? Here is the video by Tim Sparke.

Don’ts of Online Reputation Management

1. Being too defensive while answering to bad reviews
2. Rude response to negative comments
3. Never respond to comments your receive on your brand social media pages or other review platforms
4. Responding too late to a critic
5. Generating all fake reviews
6. Responding to comments with no human touch
7. No proper coordination between Social media / ORM team and sales team/ Tech Team

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