Changes and Evolution

Mankind has seen significant evolution since its existence millions of years ago. Some benefitted all, while others required sacrifice. The fire made way to steam, Steam made way to Engines, Engines evolved into Rockets. The world has changed over a million years, but evolution and change have been constant. The ones who were able to cope up were carried along while the incompetent, washed away.

Mankind is yet again going through an (r)evolution. The invention of the internet has changed the way the world runs today. Not even the biggest of experts would have predicted it to have such a huge impact in the world’s economy and advancement. The whole world is on the brinks of going full digital. The corporate world is going through the most complicated changes which would bring about a simpler yet refined process in the way it is going to operate in the near future. Thanks to the revolutionary world wide web, about 2/3rd of the operations can be automated – which means there is going to be a gradual change in the number of manual intervention across any given vertical.

Traditional Marketing Vs Digital Marketing

Marketing and sales were the most important and much dependent department in any given organisation for revenue generation. A successful marketing team often reflected on the Revenue sheets at the end of a financial year. However things have started to change in the marketing scenario. Some call it evolutions, some call it the competition, and some call it – the end of Traditional Marketing. Digital Marketing is slowly makings its way into the marketing arena as one of the most effective and cost efficient revenue generating department. What started out to be a subsidiary of the marketing wing has made huge steps in evolving into a source which can outdate the traditional marketing methods.

The statistics derived in the last few years have favoured Digital marketing over Traditional Marketing. Some of them might eventually sound an alarm in the marketing department. Digital Advertisements have a 53% viewership cover over banner advertisements at a relatively lower cost. It also has a better conversion ratio with around 70% of the re-targeted leads converting into sales closures. Here comes the best part, A single digital marketing campaign can ensure 54% reach compared and 35% conversion more than the traditional marketing.

why choose digital Marketing as a career Option

At this pace, Digital marketing is touted to take over the traditional marketing as one of the primary sources of revenue generation. Social Media like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube channels, Email marketing, Blogs have all been instrumental mediums in turning around odds in favour of Digital Marketing. Techniques like Search Engine Optimisation have taken up Digital Marketing a step higher.

Around 75% of the world’s major business is happening through the internet or the digital world which involves less manual intervention. It may be safe to highlight that the major of the manual intervention would the primary appointments happening during the point of sale which involves the marketing team or the marketing head to convert leads into closures. Fresh leads are currently generated using Digital Marketing which has reduced the burden of the marketing department to nurture new leads. But E-Commerce companies are already benefitting from conversions by Digital Marketing. At this rate, the future for Traditional Marketing looks bleak.

It’s time to future proof your career by making the change and stepping into the world of tomorrow. The Biggest plus point about Digital marketing is that there are no age restrictions.  You can work as a freelancer post retirement and the remunerations are good too.

So, What are you waiting for? Book a slot for your Demo session, just write an email with your convenient time for a demo session to and get into the word of Online Marketing!

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