If you are an Indian reading this, you are probably a freshman from college who had been entitled “An Engineer” the day you started pronouncing your first words 😉 You were destined to fulfil the dreams of your strict day and your caring mum. A lot has changed in the engineering sector since the day you were born or ever since you joined an engineering college to get a degree in the same(In case you did). Were all those big Fees, Donations and early morning commute to your college which was almost as far as trying to meet your relatives in the neighbouring state? Let’s break it down.

Current Scenario of Engineering Degree

There are around 3800 colleges in India which produce close to 1.5million engineering graduates year on year. Out of which only 7% of the total engineering population meet the expectations in the core field and about 60% end up in a Non-core job – which leaves 33% of the graduates remaining unemployed year on year.

The remaining 33% of the graduates seek to find an alternative route into better employment opportunities by getting them enrolled in a higher education or certificate courses depending on their financial background. So if you are someone belonging to the unemployed clan, looking for higher studies as an option; but do not have a clear idea about the trend today, this article might actually help you.

MBA in Digital marketing V/s Certification in Digital Marketing

The blindest decision anyone would consider would be to opt for an MBA course. But MBA has lost its charm in the last decade, with the supply of MBA graduates outnumbers the demand for the same. MBA is another degree where a massive number of graduates are churned out year after year and the major chunk of them ending up with the same JD or designation as an Undergraduate or even worse – working under one. Such is the credibility of an MBA degree in the living present.

Information Technology came into the picture In the late 1990’s and the smartest of the freshmen took in additional IT courses to compliment their UG degree and went on to reap the best possible rewards venturing into what is now – the biggest and the most successful industry in the modern period. As one revolution leads to another, the world is going digital and quite a new number of career opportunities are arising newly which are entitled to be the next big things. Digital Marketing career opportunities are currently on the rise and the number of institutions paving way for passionate candidatures invariably on the rise too! The western hemisphere is currently in the transitional period and is already looking out for talented, certified and creative digital marketing executives across various levels.

This is the transitional period which can be compared to the IT transition which happened during the early 90’s when Silicon Valley became the neuron of the world’s trade and commerce. With Information Technology reaching a saturation point with its grown, this is the opportunity for the current generation to seize the opportunity to become the maiden generation of Digital marketing. The opportunities are huge across various segments with guaranteed exposure to learn and adapt to a new revolution. To the parent’s satisfaction, the investment to yield ration is far better than the MBA programs. Pay scales look promising and with promotional opportunities abundant, a career in digital marketing via a certification course looks absolutely promising.


Instead of doing MBA in Digital marketing for two years and spending hefty money, Its better to opt for certification in Digital marketing where you get flexible options in terms of duration and working on different live projects are high. A better understanding of marketing & business in general coupled with online marketing certification and hands on live project is definitely a better option.

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