Digital Marketing has managed to turn a lot of heads in the past few years and a lot of emphases has been provided on its process to being the future of marketing. The global economy has adapted to the transitional phase where various multinational corporate and organisations are making changes on par with the digital revolution.

If you are someone new to the digital marketing frenzy, you should probably do a lot of research. And some of the best information on Digital Marketing can be found floating on the internet.  Updates and facts on Digital marketing by experts and professionals alike throw light on various aspects of Digital Marketing.

If you belong to the digital marketing clan or someone who wants to join it, here are the Top 5 must read articles on Digital Marketing.

Top 5 articles on Online marketing you would love to read and Implement

1. Digital Marketing for Beginners by Pctechmag

The PC Tech Magazine is one of the famous brands in the world for providing updates on gadgets, Games and anything that concerns the digital world. They are open to subscribers and online readers who love a gig in the digital world. PCTECH magazine’s introduction on Digital marketing or beginners sets you on the right path towards understanding what the fuzz is all about

2. Digital marketing trends that will disrupt your business by

A write up on the current digital marketing trends which would disrupt any business by JT Ripton is an inspiring article on the impact of current digital marketing trends.

3. Fall of Digital Marketing Trends in 2017 by

The content by Josh Steimele throws lights on the failing trends of Digital Marketing which would soon be extinct in the year 2017. The reasons for the entitled failures are provided in brief which would help the reader understand the current market scenarios.

4. How to create Shareable video content by Neil Patel

The article by NEIL PATEL provides you with tips, tricks and secrets of making the right content which would go viral in the digital world.

5. Seach Engine Optimisation tips by Square2marketing

The content by Mike Liberman helps the Digital Marketers understand the importance of Search Engine Optimisation tool in the field of Digital Marketing. He, not only helps you understand the benefits but also help you execute it with your contents.

While there are many more good articles coming up on the internet almost every day, above mentioned is what I felt would be good to start with.

Do let us know about articles on digital marketing that you found interesting and helpful in below comments section.

Till then happy reading great articles on Online marketing and implementing  🙂

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