Digital marketing is like one of those online games like clash of clans or Farmville. It’s a race to be the best in the market. The golden rule of being in the Digital Marketing domain is – “Uniqueness”. You may have four, ten, even a hundred competitors in the market who is dealing in the same domain as you are, but the presentation of your content is what is going to provide you with success and good fan base.

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So how unique is “being unique”?  Just as you are reading this article to improve your game plan in the market, your competitors are probably visiting other blogs to improve theirs. Imagine this – You are reading this article to beat your competition who are reading other articles and I am here trying to make you the best Digital Marketer in your circle (so that I can out run my competition). It is Digital marketing version of the move inceptions – A Competition inside another competition!

The digital world hosts close to 1 Billion users approx and has generated investments close to $62 Billion. About 12% of the entire digital population identified to be digital marketers. Now let’s get you geared up! You have quite a huge competition to beat for a jaw-dropping prize money. The following points would help you better you game provided you put in the efforts and time needed. Everything bears a cost!

Become A Digital Marketing Expert

Phase 1: The Learning

You can call it a generic mantra, but this is one of the most important virtues one should never let go off.  Regardless of the heights and success you achieve, one must never stop the process of knowledge up gradation in the Digital marketing world. The domain is relatively new and has every chance to change, evolve and sprout new challenges and opportunities in its due course. Knowledge is vast as the ocean and you know the only things you can see. Keep yourself subscribed and connected to websites and blogs which are the main source of updates on Digital marketing. These updates would help you take your Digital Marketing a level up compared to your competitors.

Time to learn Digital Marketing


Phase 2: Execution and Promotion

You haven’t mastered what you have learnt unless you have tested yourself in the arena. There is no point having a car in the middle of a desert when you don’t know how to drive it. Test your learning in the digital world. Implement your leanings in your contents, publishing and ideologies. Master your own techniques and tweak them with your leanings. Executing technical tools like SEO content optimisation, Google Keyword planner, email marketing etc would help you optimise the reach of your content. Integrating your channel to social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn would provide added leverage to your contents. Considering the major chunk of users is spread across all the mentioned networks, the probability of your content reaching all classes of the audience is pretty high!

Strategy Execution and Success in Digital Marketing

In respect to the learning phase, you can subscribe for a demo session right now by reaching out to us at

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