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In this Digital era, digital marketing is important. Digital Marketing is a fast-growing industry with an increased demand for talent. In case if you are looking to break into the digital marketing industry, there’s no preferable time over at this point. Digital marketing needs specialization in areas such as content, strategy, analytics, mobile marketing etc. There are many digital marketing techniques like Search engine optimization, Social media optimization, Content marketing, Email marketing, Social media marketing etc. It is good to know basics of all techniques in digital marketing but it is best to master in one particular technique.

Following are some tips to kick start the career in digital marketing

Willingness to learn

In the era of digitization, we are familiar with how technology can change and advance almost daily. Like all other industry, digital marketing also requires constant learning and reinventing. Hence we need to upgrade our knowledge on a continuous basis to perform the online marketing tasks and keep clients happy.

Stay Current

Digital marketing is one of the fastest growing industry and has many new techniques, so the employers must stay updated. To gain up-to-date information we need to follow good digital marketing websites and blogs like Search engine journal, Backlinko, Search engine land etc.


Networking is good

Networking plays a vital role while we trying to break into a new industry, and it is the soul of digital marketing. To get connected with relevant people you should stay active on social media like Twitter Facebook and Linkedin. (By making the Linkedin profile, it becomes easy to connect with others. And by joining digital marketing groups in facebook we get new ideas and information.)  

For enrichment, you should attend industry meetups and conferences, web-based seminars, offline events etc. Along with learning new things, you could also meet potential employers.

Personal Projects

While your resume/portfolio should cover your personal project along with your professional details of works. With digital marketing, things are not black and white and there are several areas between best practice and what can actually get good results. When it comes to search engine algorithm, it is always changing and what is correct today may not be right tomorrow.

Software Knowledge

Digital marketers should try to acquire complete knowledge in applications that need to use every day. Learn beyond the key functions and grasp the shortcuts. Microsoft office is an example of daily using software and we should know the shortcuts for copy, paste, word count etc. Try to be a pro before your employer gives you those PowerPoint or big data sheets to work on.

Build your own Image

To be a trusted digital marketer, your online presence should be noticeable. By building your own personal brand you can show your potential to employers that you can build their company’s online visibility. A strong online presence could be the highlight skills an employer looking for.

Learn the techniques

Learn one new thing everyday

As a digital marketer, it needs to be comfortable with techniques like SEO (search engine optimization), SMO (social media optimization), PPC (pay per click). Passionate digital marketers should know all terminologies in their field, otherwise it will be a clear proof to employers and other professionals that you possess a beginner’s skill set and you will need further training to improve. Definition of SEO, SMO and PPC.

  • Search Engine Optimization is the process of increasing traffic to your website through organic search engine results by performing the set of tasks. You should perform many tasks to increase your website traffic such as bookmarking, blog posting etc.
  • Social Media optimization is the process of increasing the awareness of a product, brand or event by using a number of social media outlets and communities to generate viral publicity (Wikipedia). Here you need to create creative social media posts, that attract the audience.
  • Pay-per-click is also known as cost per click, is an internet advertising model used to increase traffic to websites, in which an advertiser pays a publisher when the ad is clicked (Wikipedia). It will be done based on the client’s requirements.

Reads more case studies

As a digital marketer, you should take a look at digital sphere to understand how brands function in terms of gaining both organic and paid market. Analyse their social media presence and try to find and overcome their strategies, the pros and cons, etc. When looking at case studies, look for strong examples across the spectrum since digital marketing spans many areas and industries.

Get Certified

Get Certified

Try to pick up digital marketing courses and get certified, that will help you to stand out from other job hunters in the field. Now there are many online marketing courses are available for free cost. An Internship is also an opportunity to prove our talent in digital marketing, and get certified. By doing internship you will mingle with employers which will be an added advantage to you as they will be able to share with your their tips and tricks.

Do not give up until you are successful

In digital marketing field, Even though you are taking best efforts, results may not reflect at times. Try to interact with seniors and accept their comments on your work. Don’t get negative and often try to find ways to get refreshed and take steps forward.

By choosing digital marketing you are getting about significant and fruitful career. Often have a thirst for knowledge, that will definitely lead you to success. Once you get a big break, try to guide your juniors and always remember those who lead you to success. You should try to extend your knowledge to young learners too.

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