GetDigitalPro, reveals the greatest mistakes of Social Media Marketing that could cost your brand.

Without a proper content marketing strategy in place is like shooting in dark. Set metrics for every campaign and measure the performance of the campaign with the right KPI’s

How to post on Social Media Channels for your businessPosting very few times a month or a week will not help you to bring up your brand’s edge rank score. If you don’t have better engagement with your TG your relevance score will go down. You might have seen some big brands which have 1 million likes but each and every post will have only 10 or 12 organic engagements.
How to maintain your social media post frequency for your business“5000 Twitter followers for $5″,”10000 likes per month only at $15″,”500 Instagram Likes for $5”

Do you buy followers on Social MediaIf you own a brand page you might have come across many lucrative promotional offers for increasing your fan base on social media channels. Please don’t go by that, you will face serious problems with your engagement and the respective social media networks might delete those fake profiles in real soon

Don’t just be “ME ME ME ME”

What to talk on Social Media for your business pageYour target audience is here to just get themselves entertained with the content and if you bore them with the sale, offer, buy now, shop now, you will lose your loyal audiences organic engagement rate. Instead, share tips to solve their real life problems and create mind hooks.

How many hashtags can I use on my Social Media PostYou must use #hashtags to categorize your content which will, in turn, amplify your content.
But, many brand managers do overkill with the hashtags and they will just mislead irrelevant people to the content which will again bring down your engagement rate. For example, a baby care product brand uses a #corporate to reach the corporate mum’s and dad’s but, this will also reach an unmarried corporate crowd so your reach will be higher but your engagements will be lower.

How many posts do you post in a day?This actually depends on the type of Social Network, for instance too much in short intervals in Facebook is bad but, good in Twitter.

Because the feed algorithm of both Facebook and Twitter works in a different way.

Grammatical errors on social media will cost youGrammatical errors with the ad copy might even lead to higher CPC’s and engagement rate.

When a TG is viewing an ad his RHS will work and it will try to find out the fault in it then the contest is processed for interpretation after which an action will be taken. So make sure that your ad copy passes the first test in the human brain.

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