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Generally in order to generate leads people prefer to opt for SEO which of course is time taking process to see the result but does provide better ROI. Business owners who want to generate leads immediately do opt for paid campaigns and tend to read blogs related to digital marketing.  If you are planning to get into AdWords and pretty new to AdWords or already used old dashboard of AdWords and now after a long time getting into AdWords new dashboard to set up a new account, This article is for you.

As of now, AdWords provides two dashboards or you can say modes for you to run the ad campaigns.

1. Adwords express
2. Adwords

While many new bees prefer to use Adwords express as it claims to be very easy to run the ads. Experts prefer to use the normal AdWords as you get the option to choose your own keywords, set bid prices, and structure your account. If you have already made your mind to use AdWords over Adwords express, you need to read this whole article.

Here I am going to tell you what you need to be aware of while trying to create AdWords account or campaign.

6 Points you need to keep in mind while creating AdWords campaign

1. Adwords Express: Adwords forces you to create AdWords express account even though you made your mind to go with Adwords account only. Its bit tricky to find out the link to AdWords account.

2. Payment Mode: By default the payment mode is automatic. That is You’ll be charged when your balance reaches ₹2,500.00 or 30 days after your last automatic payment, whichever comes first. While Automatic payment mode is good for those who spend more than 30k per month or more and cannot afford AdWords campaign getting stopped because of low account balance. In case you are new to the Adwords dashboard or do not plan to run a campaign on a continuous basis, it is a good idea to convert automatic payment mode to manual payment mode.
To convert payment mode to manual, you need to make sure that your account balance is zero and then you need to call AdWords support team with your request. Adwords team will then send an email to the email id registered with your AdWords account which you need to edit and reply back to them to get your account payment mode to manual.

3. Auto Enabled Campaign: Adwords asks you to create the campaign at the very beginning of the creating the account. Generally, Account manager might not be ready with a perfect keyword or ad copy and in order to complete the account setup process. Account managers end up clicking next buttons and complete the setup thinking that later they can come back and edit the same without recognizing that the ad campaign is now active. This leads to getting unwanted clicks and hence you end up wasting your money.
Solution to this issue can be the moment you create the campaign, Pause the campaign and then make the campaign active only when it is ready with targeted keywords, ad copies, and landing page

4. Start date and end date of a campaign: If you are creating a campaign which needs to be stopped at a certain time for example campaign for an event, make sure you put an end date to the campaign. This will make sure that even if you forget to pause the campaign, it automatically gets paused hence you do not end up wasting your budget.

5. Keywords: While creating campaigns, many ends up placing broad match keywords leading to clicks for an unwanted combination of search queries which do not give conversion. It is always suggested to go for the phrased match, exact match or modified broad.

6. Negative Keywords: It is always a good Idea to keep an eye on search term for search campaigns and add the irrelevant search queries to the negative keyword list. This saves a lot of your budget and helps you get more relevant clicks

I am sure there are many other ways to avoid losing money unnecessarily in Adwords. Do let us know if there are any points you would like to add.


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