We all know how important it is to collect leads and nurture them through email marketing or drip marketing. We do all sorts of marketing work like SEO for website, social media etc to get more traffic to the website and generate more leads to convert them to business. For a small company who does not want to hire a developer or buy a CRM, the below-mentioned solution will definitely help you.

I am going to guide you how you can create a customized Google form and make sure that you show up your customized thank you page. Creating a customized thank you page will also help you to create a goal in analytics and have a look at which source of marketing is working out for you. Whats more with this method you will also be able to enjoy the great benefits of Google form that is getting all the collected leads tracked in a spreadsheet automatically.

In order to achieve the above-mentioned goal, you need to get the Google form on your web page. No, I am not talking about embedding the form to your web page but to create a stand alone HTML page. The reason behind doing so is since Google is a third party website, editing any code in Google forms is not possible and there is no other way (at least I could not figure out Yet) to place custom thank you page URL for the Google Form.

Steps to create your custom made stand alone HTML form with the help of Google Forms

1) First Log into your Google account. You may also directly search for Google Forms Online and log in with your Gmail credentials.

2) Create your lead tracking form. Note: Avoid opting for Checklist and multiple choice options as this will not work once you place the code in your website page. Here is my Google Form http://getdigitalpro.com/get-digital-pro-test-form/

3) Once your form is ready to go to view form, right click and select view source code.View Form Option in Google Form

4) Select code from <form to </form> and paste it on your web page

5) We need to now edit the copied code so make sure your custom thank you page is ready

6) Replace the code

<form action=”Google Form  link ending with form responsetarget=”_selfmethod=”POSTid=”mG61Hd“>


<script type=”text/javascript”>var submitted=false;</script> <iframe name=”hidden_iframe” id=”hidden_iframe” style=”display:none;” onload=”if(submitted) {window.location=’http://YOUR-THANK-YOU-PAGE-URL‘;}”></iframe> <form action=”Google Form link ending with formresponse” method=”post” target=”hidden_iframe” onsubmit=”submitted=true;”>

7) Remove the code

“<div class=”freebirdFormviewerViewNavigationPasswordWarning”>Never submit passwords through Google Forms.</div>” In case you do not want to show that it is actually a google form.

<span class=”quantumWizButtonPaperbuttonLabel exportLabel”>Submit</span>

Also, in order to make the submit button functional, replace the code after last line of the form (In my case it is the last “your answer” )with

<div class=”quantumWizTextinputPaperinputUnderline exportUnderline”></div>
<div class=”quantumWizTextinputPaperinputFocusUnderline exportFocusUnderline”></div>
<div class=”quantumWizTextinputPaperinputCounterErrorHolder”></div>
<div class=”freebirdFormviewerViewItemsItemGradingGradingBox freebirdFormviewerViewItemsItemGradingFeedbackBox”></div>
<div id=”i.err.415363020″ class=”freebirdFormviewerViewItemsItemErrorMessage”></div>
<div class=”freebirdFormviewerViewNavigationNavControls” data-shuffle-seed=”4141016598527969163″ data-should-execute-invisible-captcha-challenge=”false”>
<div class=”freebirdFormviewerViewNavigationButtonsAndProgress”></div>
<input name=”fvv” type=”hidden” value=”1″ /><input name=”draftResponse” type=”hidden” value=”[null,null,&quot;6872705611514452053&quot;] ” /><input name=”pageHistory” type=”hidden” value=”0″ /><input name=”fbzx” type=”hidden” value=”6872705611514452053″ />
<input id=”ss-submit” class=”jfk-button jfk-button-action ” name=”submit” type=”submit” value=”Submit” />


8) Create Spread Sheet for Google form. In this spreadsheet all the leads will get automatically filled as and when your customers fill up the form.

Create Spread sheet for Google Forms

9) This is how the form looks when I place the edited code on my web page. You can also check the page live http://getdigitalpro.com/get-digital-pro-test-form/

Get Digital pro Test Google form

Here is how your spreadsheet will automatically get filled with submitted leads.


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