Steps to create Facebook Page Post with Call to Action

Most of you might be wondering that how do brands manage to create a facebook page post which has call-to-action buttons like “Learn more”, “Book Now”

Go to your Business Manager or Power Editor, [we are using a Business Manager in this example]

facebook unpublished post

From the drop down menu click – Under + Create and Manage –>Page Posts

facebook page post with call to action button

On the left-hand side pane, you will see

Scheduled posts
Published post
Ads post

On the right-hand side top corner, you will see a blue colored button name “+Create” please click on that.

facebook call to action button on page posts

You will see a new wizard “Create Unpublished Page Post”

You can use this wizard to create your page post that could be a Link, Carousel, Photo, Video, Status and Offer.

Once you enter the respective details in all the fields please make sure that you choose the ratio button at the bottom of the wizard that lets you to post in on the timeline of the page. Choose–> “This post will be published on the Page”

Then click on “Create Post”

You will be able to see your page post with a call-to-action preview.

fb page post with CTA buttons

Then scheduled the same based on your content plan for your Social Channel.

However, we tried implementing this on our clients Facebook channels and the results gave us a better idea that helped us to maximize our social traffic.

Though, this posts have a perfect call-to-action button but still it is a link post. If you keep on posting link posts your reach will be affected at an alarming rate and so the engagement rate. So, we are using it only once in a month on our pinned posts on Facebook.

This helped us to increase our social traffic by 3x!

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