How much does a Digital Marketing Expert make?

If you’re someone who’s in the final year of college or someone who are in their initial years of your career, you might have heard that Digital Marketing jobs pay higher salaries. Do you think its true?

With taunts from all the Digital Marketing Training Institutes like claiming that Digital Marketing is the next big thing with handsome compensations. It would be an easy task to make you believe it.

But is it true? Are you sure about choosing Digital Marketing as your career? This blog answers it all.

Now, there is no doubt in terms of internet user base.

Why do brands need digital marketing?

With the shift in technological advancement, the customer buying cycle and pattern changes.

Last week I wanted to buy a smart TV for my conference room at my office. I thought I’ll check the price first at online portals.

So, I went to 2 or more portals to check the features and prices.

Then after a day I just got to see an ad of the same TV that I spent more time on researching from an online portal.

I started to cross check the price of the same TV in two different portals and then finally I got convinced to buy it from the same portal.

I was happy that I got a nice cashback deal on my credit card. The TV got delivered at my doorstep as promised.

Now, imagine if I wanted to buy a TV in the year of 2010. I literally had to go to the showroom at least twice to check the price and to buy it once.

Why Digital Marketing?

On average, the Internet is the home for 350+ million peoples in India. From CEO’s to students are there browsing about your brand and if brands have a Digital Marketing talents those who know how to place contents that interests every target to take any actions against it. Sure, that the best investments in Digital Marketing talents will better the ROI for the brands.

What are different Digital Marketing Roles?

Brands are willing to hire digital marketers under the following roles and responsibilities.

As seen below the Digital Marketing Head is the top level management head who will be responsible for the entire ROI of the Digital Marketing team under him.

Then comes the SEO manager, who will be responsible for all the organic and referral traffic.

Social Media Manager is the one who takes care of the company social media handles with right content marketing efforts.

Email marketing manager will help the brands to run triggered email, newsletter campaigns and automatic sequencing campaigns.

Generally, there will be one more category as well, the Paid Ads Expert or PPC Experts.

But sometimes, the brands will get hybrid marketers who are expert in both organic and paid campaigns. It is a very rare situation.

Demand vs supply of Digital Marketing Talent

Everyone has the Digital Marketing Talent demand data right with you. Yes! You read it right.

Just open any job listing portals and type Digital Marketing as a search term you will get thousands on listing under each portal.

I hope you’re aware of the Indian educational system which was paved by the Britishers who ruled us. The education system has not adopted a new way to add Digital Marketing concepts into the syllabus.

It is so sad that even colleges in India don’t have a full-fledged Digital Marketing course.(only very few provide)

In this case, it is clear and evident that our educational system cannot generate Digital Marketing Talent pool catering to the demand of the industry.

How much does an entry level Digital Marketer make?

On an average, any entry position will get you between 3 – 5 lac per annum.

It may slightly vary based on the location and the job requirement.

If you gain relevant experience up to 3 years you can make around 6 – 7 lac per annum

Once you become a Digital Marketing Head you will be making around 12 – 15 lac per annum.

Or if you run your own Digital Marketing Agency you will be clocking a turnover of 1 cr per annum from 2 years of incorporation.

If you’re someone who is just planning to study Digital Marketing but not sure about choosing it as a career. You can just start with something really basic. Start a Free Digital Marketing Course with GetDigitalPro.

This is the current status. Let’s see the near future of Digital Marketing at a global level.

According to a recent study carried out by the research firm Forrester the CMOs in the US have indicated a forecast of around $120 billion spend spread over a five-year tenure is expected.

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