As an SEO professional, we come across many SEO Tools. Opting for a paid SEO tool is relatively easy. However, if your client or organization is not ready for a paid tool, finding best SEO tools to help you for your day to day activity becomes time-consuming. Most of the best tools are either paid or have a free plan for limited days.

If you are a website owner, SEO consultant, Growth Hacker or aspiring SEO professional preparing yourself for an interview, below are 17 Free SEO tools you should try hands on for your website.

Free Search Engine Optimization Tools to optimize your website performance

1. Screaming Frog’s SEO Spider – Website Crawler that allows you to crawl website URL and fetch key on site elements to analyze onsite SEO. You need to install this program locally on PC. It provides lots of features for free. Explore and discover new features to have best out of screaming frog.


2. Search Console – Monitor, Improve and maintain your site’s presence in Google search result. It helps you understand how Google views your site and optimize its performance in Google Search result. Know which queries caused your site to appear in the search result, any 404 or server errors, Submit new content for crawling and many more features.

3. Google Analytics – Track how users are interacting with your website. Get details like the number of users visiting your site, location, traffic source, measure Campaign ROI and much more.

4. Google Tag Manager – Replace hard-coded tags like social media conversion tags, analytics with dynamic tags that are easier to implement and update. This is a great tool for marketers as there is no need to involve developers. You can speed up launch time by testing each change yourself and publish when ready.

Google_Tag_Manager Screen Shot

5. Google Alert – Find non-linking citations of your brand, or keep an eye on the latest news on a topic or, company of interest.

6. Google Trends – See the latest trends, data and visualizations from Google. Find out what’s trending near you. You can see interest over time for your search term, Interest by region/city, related topics and related queries.

7. Mozcast– Google Algorithm weather report. Moz offers a lot deeper insights operate in a weather system format. Offers data from 90 Days ago

8. Algoroo – Algoroo is a Google algorithm tracking tool. Check algorithm updates and changes affecting your site performance.

9. WebCEO– Run Technical Site Audit, get the list of SEO checklist and much more.

10. SEOPTIMER– Website Review and free SEO audit tool

11. SERPLAB – You can check your Search Engine Ranking Position Quickly and accurately using this free Google SERP Checker

12. Open Link Profiler– With a free SEOprofiler account, you can export up to 1,000 backlinks of any domain (if the domain has that many backlinks). You can see total active backlink, unique active backlink, Percentage of no follow link and the last update as well.

13. SimilarWeb–  This website helps you know your competitor’s website performance. Track matrices like the number of visitors, Bounce rate, traffic by countries, source through which they receive traffic, Top referring sites, audience Interests and much more.


14. Campaign URL Builder – Keep track of traffic from each referral source and most importantly, you keep tabs on what’s working and what’s not. This will help you to improve your campaign and conversion rates.15. 

15. Keyword Planner – Keyword Planner is a free keyword tool that helps you find keyword ideas and estimating how they may perform.

16. PageSpeed Insights – Page Speed Insight Tool analyses the content of a web page. Make your website load faster by fixing issues suggested by the tool.

17. Plagiarism Checker – Plagiarism checker (Duplicate Content) by Small SEO tool helps you avoid Duplicate content and hence saves you from getting penalized by Google. It helps you identify the original source of copied content.

18. Searchenginegenie – This website provides many free tools. Tools which I use frequently are “outbound links checker tools”, “Broken Link checker” and “SEO on page checker”. You might also consider using “Penguin penalty checker”

19. Siegemedia’s embed code generator – This tool helps you generate the embed code. If you are planning to add images or info graphics you created on your website, you would probably want to encourage users to share the same by embedding the code on their website relevant pages. This also increases the change of a back link from their site since they give credit to your website.

Embed_Code_Generator - siegemedia

Let us know if there are any other free tools worth mentioning. Do share your favorite SEO tool too.

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