What is Push Notification and how it works

Before we move on to the subject – how to enable web push notifications, let’s try to understand the basics of what a Push Notification and its uses. As by technical definition, Web push notifications are messages that come from a website. You get them on your desktop or device even when the concerned web page is not open in your browser. An example of Web Push notification would be Facebook. The Website now has an integrated web push notification plug-in which would allow the website to access your browser for pushing notifications even while you are not logged into Facebook.

Benefits of Web Push Notifications:


Push Notification

Web Push notifications provide alerts to your users and subscribers, on the latest updates on your website. The primary use of push notifications is the delivery of content as fast as possible. Your updates reach your loyal audience anytime, anywhere and at any place (provided they have access to the internet) regardless of their accessibility status to your website.

Web Push notifications have been an instrumental feature in today’s digital marketing and social media websites. Social Media Websites use them the best to help their users be in constant touch with top news and stories through the Digital world.

Who wouldn’t want to know an update on “Pre-booking reservations for the new star wars movie”.  You might end up getting tickets for the premier show with that update! But do bear in mind; it also helps the movie to have its tickets sold faster. It is a non-zero game for all the parties involved.

Quick Bytes: Apple.inc was the pioneers of push notifications in the year 2009 using their exclusive service “Apple Push Notification Service”. With that dose of general knowledge, let’s find out the way to integrate Web Push notifications and make your website better.

How can you implement Web Push Notification in on your blog/website or application:

As mentioned earlier, web push notification is an add-on to your website or your web page which is viewed on browsers.  The nuances of understanding of integrating web push notifications can be a little complex to the beginners.


Push Notification for more conversion

Google chrome has been touted to be one of the most developer-friendly web page browsers which can help any software techie work in just about anything. Be it the web application or a website editing. The team from Google chrome developers have explained the various possibilities of integrating web push notifications into the website. These videos are used as tutorials and guidance by the best of the best even today.

Let us know if you have tried the web push notification and the results you got in the comment section.

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